Mingle Jingle Fundraiser

The staff at Duncan Cran have graciously started a Legacy Project to help families in need throughout the year. What this project does is allow for families to communicate with the School when they are going through rough times and could need some extra help.

The staff along with companies and community members are joining in to create a fund that will help to provide gift cards to those that are in need, when they need it and not just at Christmas time.

The staff will have a bake sale happening at the Mingle Jingle that will have all proceeds go towards the Legacy Project. Plates of baking will be sold by donation ($2 Minimum).

Please help out with this project and allow us to help those in need.


More information will be shared in January with how families are able to access the Legacy Project.

Flying Bob Visits Duncan Cran

Flying Bob, a professional circus acrobat and one man show, came to Duncan Cran last week to amaze students with juggling, humour and high wire tight rope walking. He gave us lots of laughs and provided the message to “follow your dreams”.

Thanks, Flying Bob!

D.A.R.E. Grads at DC

Here, Corporal Shelkie poses with her graduating class at Duncan Cran. These grade 5/6 students got to learn about Drug Awareness Resistance Education, form our local D.A.R.E. RCMP member. Thanks, Corporal Shelkie!

Canadian Geographic Classroom Energy Diet Challenge at Duncan Cran

Duncan Cran is participating in the Canadian Geographic Classroom Energy Diet Challenge.  The Challenge runs from February 6 – March 30, 2012.  In this contest classrooms are trying to complete 25 Energy Challenges.  The purpose of the Challenge is to think about Energy and how to reduce Energy use.  The goal of this challenge is to increase student awareness and understanding of energy use.  Secondly, to encourage students to think critically about energy and develop more energy-conscious decision making skills.  Thirdly, to help teachers meet learning objectives with curriculum-linked activities about energy.  Some examples of the challenges are:  Design a poster to convince people in school to reduce their energy use, to complete a garbage audit of the amount of garbage in the school, to build an anemometer to determine the best areas for wind in our school yard to determine what might be a good spot for a wind turbine, and to create an online pledge form and to get people to sign and commit to reducing energy.  Every class in our school has signed up to be a part of this challenge.  We are competing against 480 class rooms from across Canada.
If you would like to see more about what we have been doing towards the challenge visit:  www.canadiangeographic.ca/cedc

Energy Challenge Presentation

Duncan Cran is participating in an energy challenge with Canadian Geographic. Here students are presenting  tips on how to save energy at school and at home; at our Monday Morning Assembly. The following students presented – Cole Burton, Allyana Betts, Rachel Hirtz, Karter Strynadka, and Chance Clark.


Metis Dance Performance

We had a fantastic Metis dance performance, oganized by Bev Lambert. She travels to schools teaching students about Metis dance and traditions to a select group of students in the morning, then in the afternoon, the students and her put on a show for the whole school.

The show was great and the students had a lot of fun. Bev and the students performed on January 18th in the gym.

Duncan Cran 1000 Origami Crane Project

Duncan Cran 1000 Origami Crane Project

This year our students are participating in a 1000 crane project.    This is a project about sharing the message of hope and peace.

The story behind the cranes:  There is a book written about a girl called Sadako Sasaki and the 1000 Paper Cranes.  Sadako was a young girl in Japan when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.  In the book she is remembered as trying to fold a thousand paper cranes before her death from leukemia.

During the month of November students learned about the sacrifice of others for a world of hope and peace.  Students learned about Canadian Veterans, Hiroshima, Pearl Harbour and the message of peace as told in the story of Sadako.

Our school project is dedicated to sending a message of peace and hope to our community.  Students are learning how to fold origami cranes.  Our goal is to fold 1000 cranes.  The cranes are then sewn together in strands.  Each strand holds 50 cranes.

When our project is complete we will be presenting strands of cranes to various community groups in Fort St John.  Some places we will be presenting to include the care home, fire department, police station,m hospital, the legion etc.

Our project is a school project in that we are working together to make 1000 cranes.  Our project is a community project because we will be presenting the cranes to those that help others.  We intend to share the message of hope and peace as symbolized by the cranes.

We would like our project to be a global project.  We would love for students from another town, city, province, or country make a set of cranes to become a part of our 1000 cranes.


If you would like to make cranes for our school project please send your cranes to:  Duncan Cran Elementary School District 60 8130 89 Avenue, Fort St John, British Columbia, Canada.  V1J 5S5

Attention: 1000 Cranes of Hope Project.