Digital Citizenship

At Duncan Cran many students have access to technology through instruction from their teachers. Many students use the computer lab and the grade 5 and 6 students use laptops and I-pads, respectively. In doing so there is an expectation that teachers and school district 60 keeps students safe. Students also have a part to play in that they learn to only use school-sanctioned websites, behave appropriately with the technological tools and avoid things like cyber bullying. Below is a brief synopsis of 9 elements of digital citizen ship (using technology in a safe and respectful manner-

9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

Below is a link to our District site that has very good information on Computer usage and safety.

Digital citizenship and safety

Student conduct and expectations around computer usage can be found within the matrices of our Duncan Cran Code of Conduct


The Acceptable User Agreement – The document that both Parents/Guardians and students sign in terms of Computer use in school district 60:

Acceptable Use Agreement for DC